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LCS637B/C Twist Door Plug

Our twist door plug also comes in a version with a ‘flat cap’ designed for interior and exterior doors with jam thicknesses greater than 11/16”.   The LCS637B is shipped with black caps.  For customers who need to use both the regular LCS637 with it’s standard cap and the flat cap on their lines, we offer the LCS637C which features a white cap so the versions can be distinguished at a glance.

  • Works on both exterior and interior doors
  • Fast twist-snap installation.  Quicker and more efficient than screw style door plugs*
  • Insures proper door alignment and protects reveal during shipping
  • Designed to fit a 1” bore hole, 2 3/8 backset
  • Helpful in determining alignment during door installation
  • Made from post-consumer plastic.  SPI No. 5 for recycling. Engineered for strength to prevent breakage experienced with screw style plugs
  • A quality, cost effective alternative to expensive competitor plugs

*In-plant testing produced installation time savings of up to 3 cents per part vs. screw style competitors! (based on $20/hr labor rate)

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