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LCS609-T & 611-T Quick Plugs

The LCS609-T and 611-T Quick Plugs are one-piece door plugs for securing doors without a a through the side jamb bore.  Installation is through the face bore.  The T sits rests firmly on the back of the face bore, providing enough tension to maintain a secure door slab during shipping.  The LCS609-T will work with a 2 3/8” backset while the LCS611-T will work with a 2 ¾” backset.

  • One step Installation, Quick & Easy
  • LCS609-T Quick Plug fits a 2 3/8” backset
  • LCS611-T Quick Plug fits a 2 ¾” backset
  • Works on Interior and Exterior Doors without a side jamb bore
  • Works on French Doors and Doors with side-lites.

609_611 Door Plug A609_611 Door Plug

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